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  1. What an inspiration!! I am believing God for restoring my marriage. We were married 26 years and have been divorced 6 months. Although he his living with a woman in the home that we built from the ground up, I know that God is no respecter of persons and He can and will do the impossible for me too. Pray for me and my husband, thank you.

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    2. I honestly pray that I will not want long for someone who left me to take me back. And dont get me wrong there are no perfect people. I pray to get over it if someone has left me and on top of that chose to be with someone else Unless God changes them and and guves that man a heart and will to Love me and want to be back with me I pray in the name of Jesus to not keep hoping to be back with them. If he wanna save my marriage he will and he will and he will need to make me know it.

  2. My wife is living separately for 5 years, now is adamant about divorce. I want to reconcile and restore marriage. Please pray for us. She is adamant about divorce. Please pray for me.

    1. Be sure that you are ready to be changed by her coming back. Be sure to fulfill her needs of security and love. It’s a 2 way street.

    2. @gndhandyservice You said you’ve been there (refresher: bad marriage).
      What was the outcome? Please give the glory to God.

    3. @j If it’s about remarriage, that’s very worldly. God hates divorce. Your vow before Him is still valid until your spouse dies: unto death do you part. It didn’t matter who was unfaithful in the first place. What matters is who still kept their marriage vow before God.

      You cannot be married five times and call it a godly marriage.

  3. My wife left, again.. I know she loves me but right now she is content with worldly living. I pray that God delivers my gift back to me so that I can be the husband and father I’m destined to be. Please pray for me sisters and brothers, talking to Jesus makes me stronger every day. I have faith in him that he will give me my hearts desire.

  4. been divorced almost a year. I want my husband back. We’re in different states and he’s dating someone. Please pray.

    1. Makayla Secrist hi I know you commented this a while ago but you should look at shamieka dean on YouTube. Her marriage was restored by god ! I hope this helped

    2. Please don’t look to Remarriage. It’s unbiblical.
      Your vows before God unto death do us part is still valid unless your unfaithful spouse dies, then you can remarry.

    3. Sometimes people pray to God for something but God expects us to take action too and meet him half way. You want your husband back. Call him and tell him you want to try again and ask him if he feels the same way. Lack of communication is one of the main reasons why people divorce. Each spouse expects the other one to know what the other spouse is thinking. God did not give us the ability to read minds but he did give us all a mouth to speak. Yes he may be dating someone but sometimes people date to have company not because they really want the person. He may also miss you and be praying also that you both get back together. But you may only find out if you ask…If he says no he does not want you back. Move on. But if he does. Your prayer has been answered.

  5. please pray for my marriage please neeeeed it so baddddddd we been seperated for over 3 yrs now and she has a boyfriend now

    1. @Delia Williams God never commands us to love ourselves. He does tell us to forgive and that his timetable is not the same as ours.

    2. kenrod rodgers. How would ur first year be like if she returns to you? You may face the reality pf new challenges such as insecurity and trusting her again. Seek healing and let go

    3. @SC Thomas-Joe Amen. I am in a similar situation in what you advised Kenrod. My husband divorced me behind my back. I committed my life to the Lord after my separation and have been praying for marriage reconciliation and restoration for my family again. The enemy uses my husband against me but I know God is all more powerful. I pray he comes to his senses and fulfill what he has promised me and our girls and renew our vows.

  6. I am recently divorced and I am still in love with my wife. she is in a relationship with a man who is an atheist. I’m praying that God intervenes in this and restore my marriage Please keep me in prayer Thanks. Joe

    1. Joe it’s hard right now but being fresh out of a divorce myself. Not wanting it . I have to. Truly say at this point we really have to totally focus on our relationship w God . He knows the plan that he has for us saith the Lord and it to prosper us not to harm us but to give us hope and a future. Trust God he knows what’s best for us . He said he will strengthen u and help u. Ur not alone . I dare say it’s easy. It’s not easy but ur able to get through this. Be encouraged.

  7. What a beautiful story!! Please keep me in your prayers. I have been divorced from my husband since Feb of 2017 and he is living with the other woman. God told me to stand for my marriage and it will be restored! I can not wait for that day! Please Pray Pray Pray!!

    1. face4makeup wow….thank you so much. Your direction is so wise. It’s my letting go! Thank you, thank you dear friend . I must let it go…trust fully in Him with everything. Your response sure was a blessing to me. I appreciate the time you took to give me counsel. God bless and again, thank you ❤️

    2. God please restore this marriage. In Jesus Name, Amen. Please send your angels to stop what satan is doing to marriages. Fight for us Jesus.

  8. I’m not married, but something I believe: always make sure the marriage is ordained by God… 💔😞 I feel sad reading these comments.

    1. from the beginning marriage has been under attack. I believe it has become more rampant. Marriage takes more than love, it takes knowledge and understanding. We should also understand it takes work to make it work…

    2. Marriage is about selflessness. Many marriages are destroyed because and when one of them says no to God, however they vowed to love and honour each other until death parts us. Anyone who defaults in the marriage is in a dark place, then the solder should pray for reconciliation to the Lord, first, and hopefully the marriage can be restored…

    3. I agree ,I’m divorced never felt married because before and even at the alter a voice was telling me not to marry him but I did ,the verbal abuse started 6 months after, then the physical, emotional, even sexual after 6 years I left but he told everyone is was in the wrong I didn’t deny, I still hope 10 years that he’d change but he never did, but this couple had no reason she just allowed the stress of the babies to consume her, but thank God they found they way back.

    4. @Deborah Francois that’s awesome that you would talk about that. A lot of people are married for the wrong reasons . My best friend said the Lord told her not to marry her 1st husband at the alter, she married him anyways. And he beat her like crazy. She finally divorced him and moved on with her life

  9. My husband wants a divorce. At first i thought i wanted out to. Now more than ever i realize that’s not what i want. He says he deserves better treatment and that he’s ready for the next stage of his life, i agree, but i took vows, i want to reconcile. Im heartbroken. Pray for us💔

    1. I pray in the name of JESUS for your marriage to survive this rough season. The number one need of a man is respect (as well as being appreciated). He might not understand how to show you love, but began to start showing him respect and began reading the word of God. Jesus can fix anything!!! Read 1 Corinthians 13 (the whole chapter) God bless you sister.

    2. My wife wants and has filed for divorce and it’s bothering me. So I know the feeling. We married as virgins: she was my first girlfriend in life and I was her first boyfriend; but now she wants a divorce and not even for biblical reasons (i.e., fornication, adultery). So I understand your pain and pray that your marriage is saved in the Name of Jesus! We must remember: “with men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.” – Matthew 19:26

    3. Life & Oranges I’m literally in the same boat as my wife wants divorce. I know she still loves me but I’m fighting with all I have left.

    4. Blissful Butters actually the wife’s version: The Respect Dare would be better

    5. Life & Oranges praying you feel encouraged as you lean into Him! You don’t need books to restore your marriage but in case you were considering something: The Respect Dare. No matter if you think your husband notices or not, do it unto the Lord.

    1. Sometimes divorce is the best option. Sometimes people fall apart and that’s OKAY. Try bettering yourself and try moving forward. 💜❤️💜❤️

    2. Hey y’all! Thank you for your support. I’m 6 yrs post divorced, and now he’s on his 2nd child since we divorced. I’m happy for him but sometimes sad.

    3. My wife divorced me 20 years ago, I just didn’t know it, or maybe I left her, unsure, so I am leaving it all up to God. We did the same thing with bickering on raising our own 2 boys. We both wanted power to raise them our own way. I am still in the marriage and it seems lifeless at times, but by loving myself the way Christ sees me, then and only then, can my wife see me love her, through a divorce or not.

  10. This only works if both parties are willing to humble themselves and accept their role in the relationship and willing to put in the work.

  11. Father in the name of Jesus Christ I pray for all those that desire to restore their marriages that you God will restore them…I stand against the plans of the enemy over their Godly ordained marriages…restore them Father…thank you Lord..Amen

  12. My wife filed today, Ibdodnt think we would never go here.. My heart dropped . I believe that God can work things out for us. Keep us in prayer

    1. clinton,

      We are praying for you and your family. May you have peace during this time. We ask God for His will in this situation. We claim healing, restoration and victory in Jesus’ name.

    2. clinton bailey
      It’s not too late. Pray about it. If there are things hat you need to change ask God for help. If you love her, change the way you treat her. All women want to know that they are loved and special.

    3. Fast and Pray. Ask God for direction. He’ll direct you to reconciliation but if she completely refuses hell bring a new and superior wife in your life. God did the same thing with Abigail and David. Her husband was foolish; he died and David married her. David was infinitely superior to her husband so if he transitions you to a different shell be infinitely superior to your ex. Just dont look for a woman youll find Lucifer’s daughters 100% of the time.

  13. Lord, I pray for anyone reading this, that you would heal their broken heart , encourage them to keep on keeping on, to remain steadfast in the hope that they have In you for reconciliation, help them to love more, forgive more, be more transparent , more giving, and never ever loose hope, in Jesus name I pray, amen.

    1. I’m reading this and my husband left our family after 18 years. I didn’t want this please please pray for my family resurrection and reconciliation

    2. That’s the kind of prayer I needed. It’s so beautiful. Thank you so much and God Bless. Thank you Lord. ❤🙏

    1. emempj my lesson humility is key because both the threat of divorce here and the acceptance of the divorce both came from a place of pride

  14. Pls pray with me. I feel frustrated in this marriage. I’m thinking of divorce yet I still love him. I’m stuck 😢

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