71 thoughts on ““I’ll Do Anything To Save Our Marriage”

  1. So funny that a cheater will say that will “Do Anything” to save their relationship EXCEPT do the one thing that could have saved the relationship.

    1. Yeah when they were on the phone saying she was too baked to come home, in the background I bet the guy could hear “SOYUZ NERUSHIMY RESPUBLIK SVOBODNYKH” lmao

  2. Do anything, ANYTHING, to keep the marriage. Except keep them legs closed.
    Love is beautiful, to be falling in love with someone is just wonderful.
    BUT, to have that trust, that commitment of only you, broken because of cheating will kill you. Emotionally, mentally, physically. Just be careful, eat that pill, that RED pill everyday and be the best man you are. They will always be there, these cheaters. So good luck, take care and just say no.

    1. There’s an old joke about the four animals that a woman loves the most. A Jaguar in the driveway, a mink in the closet, a tiger in bed, and a jackass to pay for it all. Guess which one she made me. I’ll never have one of these monsters live under my roof again.

    2. Dam straight she will cheat again . I’ve been on this crap hole called earth for some time . I’ve seen many marriages go south from a cheating other including my own . I know that years ago men seemed to be the ones that cheated . But that changed decades ago . Women seem to be the ones that are more likely to cheat nowadays . Of all marriages I’ve known about its mostly the wife that caused its demise from cheating .
      Nearly half off those men that gave the wives a second chance including my own , ended up regretting it .
      Everything was fine at first or so it seemed. Months later most would find the wife back to her own ways of lying and cheating .
      Once a cheater always a cheater . Second chances are for accidents not cheating spouses .

  3. I can’t believe this man confirmed that she cheated multiple times and still kissed that woman let alone married her…

    1. If gas lighting was involved, that also means that there was probably some trauma bonding, and he was trapped. This is how a narcissistic abuser works.

  4. Well this was his first everything however she yea his ex was something interesting. Fellas never stick your d in crazy ok. take care

  5. The red pill offers the truth and nothing more. These videos are a resource to help men avoid the many pitfalls of relationships and keep them from heading back to the plantation.

    1. Freedom is preferred over servitude and one’s health and happiness as a man should be any man’s goal on life.

  6. Young men, this is what they mean by the phrase: Book Smart, not Street Smart. The red pill is a myth… Oops, I just wasted part of my life with the definition of a she’s made for the streets.

    1. @blue dragon I’m not going to find anything because Society and Feminism demonize male sexual assault victims…

    2. @Danny Thomas so you admit you have no evidence besides your own opinion and your view is a huge generalization (like even bigger than generalizing and stereotyping a race!) but don’t like it if men are generalized. . . . And I’m gonna assume your not gonna see my point or your gonna ignore it. I feel bad for you having to walk through life and not being able to have any intimacy with another person because of your opinions. Tbh you should just stay away from any and all women since your view as expressed here will likely bleed out and you won’t really treat them with any respect as you view them as unworthy of it

    3. @blue dragon 1: Respect is earned, not freely given… And what have females done to earn my respect? Not a gods damn thing…

      2: I give what I get… When females generalize all men as monsters, they will generalized the same way. Don’t like it? Don’t give it in the first place. Period. No exceptions.

      3: How am I supposed find these statistics when Feminism and Society destroy men as they have done for the past 60+ years?

    4. @Danny Thomas thing is you generalize all women as monster now. Youll never find anyone bot like what you expect because they way you treat people would drive any decent person away the second they hear about your view jist like how any guy would auto leave a woman if they found out she says all men are abusers. Your as bad as a woman saying all men are abusers because your holding an equivalent mentality. You could swap the gender and your saying the exact thing as the person you view as garbage

    5. @blue dragon Then females, as a collective, should punish those who call men monsters and I may *CONSIDER* altering my view… Until then, not my problem.

  7. I’d say she easily was getting her guts rearranged by at least ten guy’s if not more. Especially with the cheating from the get go.

    1. “Her guts rearranged”. lol, I’m gonna use that from now on. I’ll give you credit the first three times, but after that, it’s mine. =P

    2. I used to use the rule of 3x to make an estimate. It seems that is no longer a valid way to estimate because of social media compounding their ease of access to men. Scientific research is ongoing to establish the new algorithm.

  8. LOL that was an extremely unbelievable. I told my ex girlfriend, when we were still together that I didn’t stay with cheaters period. Then she asked “what if I was raped” . My answer, if you were raped of course I wouldn’t leave you, thats not your fault but we are going to the police. If you are willing to protect the guy who raped you it’s really hard to believe it’s rape…

    1. @James Stewart I’m not an expert on foreign systems, I was speaking for the United States. But we have our problems here too. I think that when the next crop of “WOKE” college grads work their way through the criminal justice system, it will be worse here too.
      The use of DNA evidence can more precisely determine whether sex occurred. This has prevented a lot of misidentification, at least.
      My advice is that if life is hellish where you live, get the Hell out.

    2. @NCredleg many women will sleep someone else and then say they were raped to keep the relationship. Of course, they don’t tend to want to go to the police.

    3. @squeezerD i have one caveat to this. If she is led to the proverbial slaughter by her bff. I can forgive that, but from then on she better fucking listen to me when I say someone can’t be trusted.

    1. I’m like him. It’s the respect of our love enough to trust someone even if u know it’s fishy and flags are appearing u just have to hope that they can control themselves like us. But yea it’s just a game for some.

    2. @MegaLqlq Get you man and respect but even though there has to be limits. Being taken advantage, humiliated and being put at risk(she smashed without condom) is too much and love got nothing to do with that. If red flags appear(not only one but several) then is better to cut your loses and move on. We cannot love others if we are incapable of loving ourselves first.

    3. @MegaLqlq yes you are correct. I just mean that if someone put you through hell, then there is really not love there and better to just walk away without any feeling of revenge. You did great not wanting to hurt back. Not worth to hit back. Yes self love is together with self respect. You have strong heart. My best wishes

  9. She didn’t cheat on him,he was the one who cheated himself…it wasn’t a red pill,it was triple red pill…pathetic this dude.

  10. Words mean nothing. People have to demonstrate their trustworthiness and honesty with their actions.

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