Communication Techniques: How To Save Your Marriage

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◄◄◄ Click here for more useful communication techniques to help you fix your relationship or save your marriage and start on the road to a new life together.

In this relationship advice video for couples, Bruce shares communication techniques for instantly CONNECTING with your romantic partner, especially during conflict and when talking about sensitive issues.

If you go see a couples therapist or a "save my marriage" counselor, this is one of the first skills they will teach you in the couples therapy session.


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RELATIONSHIP ADVICE: How To Save Your Marriage

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30 thoughts on “Communication Techniques: How To Save Your Marriage

  1. wow… this was amazing advice! I tried it in just a casual conversation at work and I can tell the customer felt heard.. and understood. I cant wait to try it with my boyfriend 🙂

    1. I. May reflect only the most essential part of the conversation u may want to be less talkative in ur reflection I find that my partner was getting annoyed because I was too wordy in my reflecting skills unto I focus more on only the essential parts of the communication.

    2. Look at the video again. Dont repeat qns. Paraphrase to indicate u understand what she has said.

  2. I just watched the first 3 videos. You spoke to me. Even if my relationship doesn’t make it past the power struggle I plan on learning from the mistakes and the new knowledge I have just retained. Thank you.

  3. Thankyou for such a explanatory video that helps our mind to visualization what were the mistakes we had in our relationships while you speak in the video.

  4. My partner and I just realized ee have gotten to the power struggle stage. Its been so difficult and we even thought about breaking up after being together for 3 years. I found your videos and honestly I feel there is hope. I am sharing the videos and applying your techniques. Thank you so much !!!

    1. Your comment gives me hope to work on my relationship. Its been a year for me and going through the power struggle stage

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  5. Funny, I automatically do the reflective conversation already. But the response I get, is him telling me I’ve twisted his words with anger. I ask for clarity and he refuses. Over and over, thus is how our “conversations” go. But I’ll try again with this video in mind. 7 years is not worth giving up on….

    1. Pure bliss
      Allow me to ask a question
      My friend told me he drives by my house everyday and honks
      I thought nothing of it, the last two weeks I made sure I was up and could hear and recognize when he drove by and honked.
      I would respond back with the thumbs up emoji to let him know I heard his horn.
      All of a sudden, last week and this week, I have heard nothing from him. I know he drives past my house, but he doesn’t honk anymore.
      What happened.
      I’m sure you don’t know what happened, I’m just asking.

  6. Why did my friend tell me he drives by my house everyday, honks his horn, and then never does it again.

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