15 things can save your marriage ,what a man demands from his wife by Akhter Abbas 2019 Urdu /Hindi

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This video covers a very sensitive area of marital life.It is all about a man requires from his life & wife but normally unable to say & communicate .

Life Coach Akhter Abbas speaks here about a very important fact of our day to day life that has the tendency to effect life badly .Such issues are to be felt & discussed for betterment of the society. Akhter Abbas is known writer & trainer, people say him personal as well as family relationship guru .He had influenced thousands of his viewer ,readers & listeners to improve their lives. He shares his valuable findings in his videos to help his viewers for better & balanced valuable respectful lives by adopting and understanding basic facts of life. Akhter Abbas is a blessed & one of the most respected personal coaches. He always helps & guides his callers & listeners in personal counseling sessions. He loves his Allah Gee & works to please Him by guiding & helping people for a balanced & satisfied life here & hereafter.

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demands of man from wife

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48 thoughts on “15 things can save your marriage ,what a man demands from his wife by Akhter Abbas 2019 Urdu /Hindi

  1. Good advice, but with due respect, one must respect everyone – be it husband or wife. Just because you are a man does not mean you deserve to be respected for your gender! Respect is given when it is earned by both genders. Most men these days are failing to make well informed decisions, are not far-sighted, lead a fast lifestyle, and make emotional decisions instead of rational decisions as they are mostly pampered all their life.
    Women on the other hand mature earlier and make better suggestions (scientifically proven as they use both sides of the brain), their opinions must be respected as well. In our culture, women are already considered a lesser being and ridiculed as if they know nothing and not appreciated in their work – be it at home or outside. If they have started asking for their equal rights, let’s not subjugate them.
    Women already put men one step ahead of themselves and care for them except for a very few. And we all know how much men ridicule and bad mouth girls among their friends.
    You are respected for your effective message and expected to teach men how to gain women’s respect by valuing women and respecting them because it’s a two way process. You can’t give respect, if you don’t get it first! Any man can win over a girl by valuing her and being kind to her. If he’s a rude man, he will not get any respect in return.

  2. Kash ye sub baten shadi se pahle larkiyon ko Bata de jaya kren ..is se Bohat se ghar tootne se Bach skte hen..

    1. Bhai sehab….ap batana pasand karen gy k khudanakhuwasta ap kitny ghar toot chuky??? Kaash ka Matlab?

    2. or boys ko kya batana chahiye jisse ghar na toote , boys bhi zimme dar hote hai ghar toothne ke kyu ke respect do ge respect milegi , give and take

    3. @Mohammed Shareef aajkal me pakistani new bachio k hal daikh rai hn wo ghar basanay walay ni hn, zuban darazi, badsaliki, ghar k kam na ana etc sab say bar saaf rahnay k matlab dhair sara khusro jaisa makeup….. In say ghar ni bastay, aaj پاکستان me bacho ko khoraak ki kami say ziada had haram maa aur mobile me baithi aurto ki waja say….

  3. نہیں میرے عزیز محترم، آپکے لیکچرز مرد حضرات بھی سنتے ہیں۔۔۔!
    السلام علیکم

  4. Thank you sir my marriage will be held after 10 months
    and Aap ki is video se Kafi knowledge milgae
    Once again thanks alot
    And I’ll try to be a good wife for my husband

  5. Aoa….! “if a husaband is supposed as a king,the same way he reacts her wife as a Queen.”
    Imam Ali ibn e Abi Talib A.s

  6. mard aik darja nh 3 darja superior hy aurat se and we should obey this… lekin aurat b to insan hy. aur kuch nh to infact respect to dain wife ko

    1. Hahahaha her aurat respect ko roti h ….tm logon ny kbhi khud socha h izzat kamai jati h ….aur aurat kaisy mard k Dil py churi chalati hn

    2. Aurat ki respect to hoti hai … Allah ny hi banai ..
      Lakin log degrade krty
      Is liye bs shohar aur saas ki baat ko ahmit do .. baqi koi important nai hota

  7. Dr. Sahib apki batain bht phari batain tein. I will also try to keep in mind all these things when i get married. Jazak Allah

  8. After doing all these men still kick women out of their lives and houses. Men just don’t care for good women. They always fall for dysfunctional women.

  9. Shohor apny ghr WALON k samny zaleel krty hn or b.v apny mehkay mn kuch nhi bol skti shohor ko sb k samny

  10. sir i am not married still but i hope apki in baton ki wja se main achi wife bn paon gi in shaa Allah

    1. Assalaam alekum waRahmatullah..
      Umme Rabeeya Naam se lagra ki aap Married ho ya Shayad nahi bhi,
      Agar ho toh aap ko maloom hona chahiye ke koi bhi Sohar apni Begam ki Nasukri Bardasth nahi karta. Aur agar yahi Unki Begum ka Muqam badke ho toh Sohar ko Inki Izzat o Ahtraam ziyada karna chahiye.

  11. meny yh sb gltia ki ha q k mjhy kisi bhry ny yh sb smjhaya ni tha Allah apko lmbi umr dy khush rkhy jazakAllah

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