Married In Netherlands But Ghana Saved Our Marriage!

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95 thoughts on “Married In Netherlands But Ghana Saved Our Marriage!

    1. It is true maybe some few mixed race are badly mixed up and highly ill-informed and wrongly educated. My accidental experience is knowing few nice ones across UK and US

    1. @gloria klein yes they also have one in Mexico City, but the one in San Diego is now called Alliant International University.

    2. @Cloyd Whyte please remember a JAMAICAN is originally GHANAIAN… JAMAYACA IS AKAN WORD … MEANING, (IT SEEMS LIKE WE ARE STOCK HERE) IN ASANTE LANGUAGE OR AKAN LANGUAGE IN GHANA… the name of your country is actually jama yaka …as first slave’s called it and eventually changed to JAMAICA..

  1. To all of my light-skinned fam here in the USA saying you will not be welcomed in the Mother Land.
    Here is living proof you are wrong.

    1. @Sports Actuary you telling the truth. I know A LOT of people from the mother land(some are in laws) that all I see them with is lighter skin or white. They practice that colorism real bad there too on continent like here in america.


    3. @Peaches Kong Most Black Americans are mixed. Do your DNA. Prince lived here and race was not something he really talked about.

    4. @Jeswaz Wadi I’m 100% Igbo and naturally have very light brown skin. I have family with even paler skin just like the Nigerian actress Monalisa Chinda. Some people bleach, but you can’t accuse 77% of the entire nation of skin bleaching. About 77% of Nigerians are super dark to very dark brown, so if they’re all bleaching then the creams are clearly not working.

      Light skin is a minority in Nigeria, but many of us are just naturally lighter. Even studies have shown different forms of albinism amongst igbo people that contribute to presence of lighter skin…Its not that deep.

      No one is claiming all igbo’s are light skinned, majority of us are very dark brown and chocolate brown…

    1. @Darius F. It has the most untapped potential without a doubt. People always talk of the mineral potential, but the agricultural and human potential are equally huge.

  2. I am Ethiopian living in the U.S. Makes me want to move to Addis with my family! And of course visit Ghana!!!!

    1. @H S I arrived to live in Addis in December 2018 – I’d visited Addis and stayed twice before me living there, it had only ever been a gateway city to other parts of Ethiopia but I lived there for the last 4 months of my wifes pregnancy before we flew to Bahir Dar when our daughter was 3 weeks old.

      It depends on the individual in terms of what there interests/ commitments are but for me Addis is to polluted environmentally. On the other hand Bahir Dar is the opposite it’s environmentally stunning and the Corona vibe isn’t here at all at this time.

      I live in Kebele 13 next to lake Tana I just wish more Africans born in the West considering Africa to seriously consider at least visiting Bahir Dar

      Addis Ababa is not a great postcard for Ethiopia. I just feel so blessed to have transferred my life here.

    2. @Mr Gebrial He is planted by the western government to slowly wreck havoc to the country. The introduction of gmo corn is just the beginning of the demise of the country and total western control of our food. If this western influence continues there is a chance that it might be another Zimbabwe in the future.

    3. @AJ LThis is actually a common misconception – there are some excellent private Health facilities in Ethiopia and the government hospitals aren’t as bad as you might imagine.

  3. Good content…..all Ghanaians in the house clap for Maya …he is doing a good job for Ghana.
    Hope Miss Trudy is taking notes of the beauty of Ghana.
    Am from Tanzania and I wish in our lineage to have Ghanaians so my young sister will have to visit Ghana and find someone …..

    1. Do you like it? What have you learned about yourself during this big change? How long have you been in Senegal?

  4. This YouTuber is king! He’s in pool too? Okay just with the kids at that!!! Wode is living his best life Jamaica 🇯🇲 🇬🇭

    1. @Rashaenka Yeah but only where there is Ocean, and at winter times only and the jersey is enough do not even need jackets

  5. I was born in Lesotho in Southern Africa but spend my entire life after l turned 8 in America. I moved back in 2017 and have learned so much about not only my country amd culture but the continent as well. I realized that American educational system was full of lies and actually erased alot of African history and makes one think Africa contributed nothing to the world. When in reality it did but the Europeans stole it from Africa.

    1. @Heavenly Soundz Spiritual Beats Messiah Music After my four yrs in the US Air Force l attended Long Beach City College because l was in Fashion and Marketing and it was a two year program. I was going to attend a four yr college and study International Business but l ended up helping my brother with his music career and never went back. Both my parents had their Masters and of course were not to Happy.

  6. I’m anxious to have my soul healed in Africa. I wish this darn Coronavirus would go away soon. This was great video!

    1. @Max K well, Max, the government has eased restrictions but there are still hot spots for the virus and still about 120 deaths a day, better than what we had, which was nearly 1000 a day, but not good. Up to now, over 45000 people in UK have died from this thing and they are expecting a second spike in the winter, fortunately this thing seems to prefer a cooler climate so most of Africa should escape ok with some luck, stay safe XXX

    2. I strongly believe Yah has allowed this plandemic to allow us to make some drastic changes to improve our lives. 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    1. Never said I don’t love my own people but never knew people had a problem with another African moving to their country .

  7. Looks like everyone is moving back to Africa ooooo. Who’s ready to move with me??? Oya, let’s go after coro 💃💃

    1. @M Africa So all millions of black South Africans are running through the streets chasing other Africans? Even those who are now grandparents (ex-exiles)? Terrible nation!!!✌🏾

    2. Me I want to go back visit my ancestor country I’m tired of the west I want to go maybe to life the retirement

  8. Am Kenyan and my husband is Dutch from Amsterdam..but we prefer living in Nairobi. Africa is great..the food is organic, the climate is conducive and opportunities are limitless.

    1. Cameroonian living in Los Angeles I am planning to move back to the continent soon and Nairobi, Kigali or Accra will be my destination.we have a beautiful continent, we need to love and help build it .

    2. @tim camer welcome. The quality of life in many African countries is much higher compared to the developed countries especially is you are well educated, well travelled and/or possess good entrepreneurial acumen.

  9. Great video! I’m Ghanaian American living in Ghana with my kids and I can attest to the fact that my kids are very happy here and love having family and friends around all the time.

  10. I spent 2 months in Nigeria and that sun! Whoo! I was so energized! When I returned to dreary America I was sick for 2 weeks. I think it’s because my Melanin was missing that extra D3.

  11. Im not African im an indian origin
    But i like ur show on YouTube
    It make sense
    Atlease u try to promote ur culture ur people in the good way positive way
    To the world
    Peace and love for ghana

  12. I am an Indian. Worked there for ten years (1971- 1981) I still love Ghana. People are most beautiful. My love for them.

    1. Is good you say this but most of you Asian race are discriminating Blacks, it’s awesome seeing how 99.99% percent love and respect foreigners…. the most racist continent in this world is Asian 😪 black lives matter

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