Save the Hole in Front for Marriage!

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Hark! When it comes to sex, Mrs. Betty Bowers does the most disgusting thing to Republicans: She talks about it! Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian and host of The No Sin Zone, answers the calls of curious sinners everywhere who seek her tart, sage advice.

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61 thoughts on “Save the Hole in Front for Marriage!

    1. God bless you! This is proof the algorithms are messed up, I never heard of you until recently an I know Google knows how much I would love this content!

  1. Oh, I love this: “If God hadn’t written it, we would be trying to keep it out of public libraries, not in to public schools.”

  2. 1:02  “If Americans crave novelty, they should do what Jesus told them to do… for a change.” A highlight!

  3. “So are we dear, 2000 years! A few minutes longer won’t kill you and if it did…you’ll be back in three days.”

    1. DeRock Scambait Vidz Wouldn’t work. She’s Baptist and Colbert is Catholic (the character AND the real man).

    1. @usmale 49 Your comments and opinions are every bit as called for as mine.
      Just to be clear, from the day I turned 18 years old, I have gone into a church only twice or maybe three times for something other than funerals and weddings.
      I deeply regret those 2 or 3 mistakes.
      Still yet, the fact that I am still alive is proof enough to me that there must be something like god.

    2. @Opinunate ted Oddly, I thought I was an atheist when I was about 10 years old because of my belief in science. Not until I was 30 years old did I realize that god must exist because of my belief in science.

    3. IT’S EXCLUSIVELY about feeling superior….Bill Murray “Ironical” from those constantly sighting “SUPREMACISTS”.
      Is it moronic to believe the Bible literally, but ok to cite it as literal when trashing believers?
      OF COURSE THIS is the most elemental of all impulses: declare one’s dominance/superiority…albeit only to the choir.
      Einstein said that , “Thermodynamics is THE ONE universal theory which will never be overthrown”.

      TO WIT; “Heat cannot begin de novo(#1)…Heat is NEVER eternal (#2).
      There is NO hypothesis for a universe of heat (THIS ONE) which will conform to the extant universe.
      OR…a supportable presentation explaining life from non-life.
      ANYONE IMAGINING Stanley Miller’s 65 year old high-school science farce is anything needs to answer:
      “WHERE’S THE FOLLOW-UP BEEN for the past 65 years…..DNA’s BEEN MAPPED & CRISPR’d”.
      AND OF COURSE other than being accused of sexually inappropriately approaching undergrads,.
      even LESS heard of Lawrence Kruass’, “quantum vacuum/flux” universe—-OR Stephen Hawking’s
      “zero net heat universe”….OTHER than Peter Higgs saying: “were it not for his motor neuron disease he would’ve been acknowledged the fool he is”.
      (C’MON MAN!! ONLY U R MORONIC ENOUGH TO imagine I’d bother reading ur replies)

    1. +Jonny Leal They obviously didn’t want to share the fun. I just found out about it a month ago. It’s my favorite site. This is one of my favorite videos! Trumping trump’s a hoot.

    2. Yes, it has been around for quite a while… Should blame the Youtube algorithm for not seeing it sooner.

  4. i’m so upset that i just discovered this channel, my life would have been so much better if i would have found it sooner.

    1. I like what George Carlin said I’m the almighty you are going to go to hell forever and burn burn burn and I love you

  5. I swear they need to give this lady a spot on the next GTA game,  Her station would be hilarious.

    1. Yeeeessssss and i want her to play like a mean mother in law or villain in a movie seriously .

    1. @Christopher Sabionski I tried to do what you suggest. I read it carefully. But there was so much stuff that I couldn’t remember it all. So to simplify things I only remembered quotes that supported my point of view. Ignoring the other trivia. Does that qualify me to be a real evangelist?

    2. @Opinunate ted like for real – cos I’m probs on your side mate – please double check my comments before telling me I’m dumb. Studying all holy books lead me to atheism.

    3. @Opinunate ted Oh it says tend no to be but you mean tend not to be – sorry no glasses. Anyhow yeah – I’m an atheist anyhow. XO peace.

  6. “Christian caller who doesn’t like what the Mexicans she buys her meth from are doing to the country.” LOL!

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