WAR For Marriage Restoration (Day 1): Call Forth Your Marriage

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Marriage Restoration Prayer & Fasting Plan: I Call Forth Your Marriage (For Future and Current Husbands and Wives)
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23 thoughts on “WAR For Marriage Restoration (Day 1): Call Forth Your Marriage

  1. it’s very powerful I do believe all the broken family will restore in name of Jesus christ amen

  2. In Jesus mighty name we pray amen 🙏🏽. Thank you for your powerful and positive prayers. I see lots of positive changes in my life since I started praying along with you. God bless you my sister.

  3. Father I thank you for restoration in my marriage although we separated from 8/8/2014 until now I trust you lord Jesus that your word is gone fourth and my marriage is restored. Thank you lord Jesus for removing the other woman from my marriage. For your word says what you joined together they become one in flesh and spirit. Thank you lord Jesus.

  4. Girl, now your talking! Marriage, the most important relationship besides the one with the LORD and the most important aspect of His creation and no one talks about it, no one preaches about it (except to say what a bother it is to deal with your spouse). And we spend all the live long day talking about how “bad” things are in the world. The LORD says to do the things first that honor HIM and the rest will be added unto you. After creation, marriage was THE first thing but these lying forked tongued creatures calling themselves leaders in the body, bishops and other highly esteemed titles, only uses that verse, to delay marriage in the body of the Lord. Shame on the “body” and for those who are aimlessly following them. I urge everyone who reads this to honor our Lord and stand in the gap for holy matrimony which is the highest honor we can give our Lord, after receiving Him as savior, of course. Blessings y benediciones!

  5. I stand in total agreement with this prayer. I believe God not only for my marriage but for every marriage ordained by Him.

  6. Father in Jesus name I claim my kingdom couple marriage no weapon formed against shall prosper I claim my husband in Jesus name glory to God I claim the blood of Jesus over myself and my husband amen

  7. I align myself with this prayer for my marriage to be restored. What God brought together let no man tear apart.

  8. Thank you Pastor powerfull, I recieve my restoration of my marraige. The divorce will not happen by the power name of Jesus

  9. I decree and declare.this prayer for the restoration not just my marriage but to others as well…truly God is good and without Him or apart.from.Him.we can do nothing..no weapons formed against us shall prosper for greater is God who is in us than satan who is in the world…Hallelujah! …Glory to God.

  10. I receive it!!!! My marriage is restored in the name of Jesus!!! My divorce is cancelled!!!!!! In the mighty powerful name of Jesus Christ!!!

  11. In the Name of Jesus let there be reconciliation in all marriages including mine to show Apage Love and the love of Christ in our lives Amen.

  12. My marriage will be renewed , restored & divorce will be canceled , I decree and declare in the name of Jesus !

  13. In the name of Jesus my marriage is restored this separation will bring us closer and stronger it is so. It’s already done.

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