How To Save Marriage On The Brink Of Divorce

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Dr. Paul gives us simple principles to help save a marriage that is on the brink of divorce. Remember, easy and simple are not the same thing. These 3 principles include being grateful for your marriage and spouse so listen up.

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Dr. Paul Jenkins

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75 thoughts on “How To Save Marriage On The Brink Of Divorce

  1. Yes,I have been trying to not be critical which is a major fault I
    wasn’t so aware of.
    Keep up the good work. ✌

    1. Yes, Herakles, and if you can build the trust again, then you will find she will be able to give you 95 when you need it.

    1. @Meg Okura This comes down to deciding how you want to live and if you are OK with living in a sexless marriage. Get clear on what you control and what you don’t and one thing you don’t is your spouse’s sex drive. If your spouse is open to it, start with going to his doctor and seeing if there is something physical or emotional that could be addressed.

    2. @Paul Hoskins : eat five Brazil nuts every day raw, keep them in your freezer and chew them really well… Do not eat more than eight today because you will overdose on selenium, this mineral is necessary but not too much. I’m 100% serious it will boost your testosterone more than most medications. Freezing the nuts keep some fresh you can thaw them out for 10 minutes before eating them they taste better.

    3. @J. H. : A wife that never puts in the effort to connect sexually…to meet her partner’s needs…FIRST…Is a thoughtless, selfish person & NOT marriage worthy.
      …..& Vice Versa; a husband must also, often make the first effort to be sweet, praising, & affectionate, & romantic…& not wait for his spouse to be sexual with him, or he’s not marriage worthy.
      A relationship where it’s always the man that has to meet the woman’s needs first or a relationship where it’s always the woman that needs to meet the man’s needs first…, Is a relationship or one partner is extremely selfish and it’s BAD. UGH.

  2. It is currently 6am and I needed to stumble across this video. I am 100% committed to fixing my marriage. I have already made a list of things I need to work on myself to save my marriage and ready to start day one today! Hoping I can do this!

    1. I like that you are not giving up, Bmack776. If you make the decision to leave, then you will know you did everything you could.

    2. @Live On Purpose TV it’s really tough, but I will proceed with love in my heart and a good attitude. Thank you for posting the video.

  3. Marriage takes 2 people who are genuinely willing to build together (i.e. spending energy together & enjoy the fruits together) for ever. Otherwise, there’s no chance to sustain a home.

  4. Hey guys pray and keep praying and look for answers on YouTube on how to pray the right way it will help to pray for others relationships/marriage too. Pray for others and even for your enemies.

    1. I don’t think that’s a good idea. Never give your soul to an entity….I don’t care who it says it is.

    2. SierraSiennaSavahnaDesertNightSky 1985 But what do you do when your spouse is “saved,” but won’t admit faults or express any humility? Guilt trips, gaslighting, manipulation, you name it.

    3. @Morning Song so difficult… no easy answers but get help! for yourself. People to help you find and hold onto TRUTH

  5. Thank you very much for this video. I’ve been banging my head off of the 4 horseman and wondering why we are miserable. I am going to do this starting tomorrow as I am about to go to bed. I cannot say thank you enough!

    1. here’s a few ideas for making improvements in your partnership
      Try to discuss more
      Cooperate with each other more
      Start to give and take more
      (I read these and the reasons they work from Pavs Partner Pundit website )

    2. There are a few things for saving your marriage
      Try to discuss more
      Cooperate with each other more
      Start to give and take more
      (I discovered these and why they work on Pavs partner pundit site )

  6. He’s right, it’s not easy. I used a resource I found online to help my failing marriage. Took some work but it helped tremendously.

  7. Tried it 1 day and it worked. I can’t believe it was my fault all along. I shall continue the experiment and hopefully turn this relationship around. Great video thanks x

    1. I just realised that my comment sounds really sarcastic but i meant it! I feel better, my partner feels better…thank you x

    2. I didn’t think it was sarcastic, so hard to get our meaning across in a comment, I try to read positivity into the comments, though it can be difficult in some instances.

  8. I mean I’m here because I feel like I’m more alone in my marriage than when I was single and we had gotten a divorce and got back together to the same! Same crap! And again I’m just a roommate in the house and our son obviously can notice that. So I don’t know if I should just leave. He lies, stone walls me, and spent thanksgiving at his moms. I’m an idiot for getting back together but I love this video thank u and you are hilarious I love it .. I will use this video thank u

    1. Jas E., I am glad you found value in the video. You are not an idiot; people love to love others, and be loved in return, and perhaps you thought it would be different a second time. Who knows, maybe it can be. I have an entire playlist dedicated to “How to Fix a Marriage that’s been Damaged”. If you think it might be helpful, you can find it here: Also, we do have a promotion right now, where you can have a free 25 minute breakthrough call with one of our Live On Purpose coaches. If that sounds interesting, you can schedule that here: Thank you for watching.

    2. @Live On Purpose TV hi, I was wondering what kind of call it is? Do you give advice or reccomend programs/books/etc?

  9. Its hard to do any of these things when after every fight your spouse gives you the silent treatment and stonewalls

    1. rednailsNJ, if you want to save the marriage, sometimes a fight to the end is necessary. Is your spouse open to counseling? If so, then I encourage you to find a good marriage counselor. As one option, I would like to offer a free 25 minute call with one of our Live On Purpose coaches. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, you can schedule the call here:

    2. Lahlo R, thank you for watching. Would your spouse be open to counseling? Many marriages have been saved this way. You don’t have to use our services of course, however we do have a free 25 minute call with one of our Live On Purpose coaches available to get you started. If that sounds interesting to you, please go to to schedule.

    3. Atheist in Alabama, I am sorry to hear this. I offered the commenters above a free coaching call, for the sole purpose of the chance to save their marriage. If there is any possibility of saving a marriage with good still in it, I believe it’s worth fighting for. You are also welcome to give the call a try:

    4. @Atheist in AlabamaI had no faith in my wife either… But I eventually had to sit down and see what I was doing also admit to those things and tell myself all I can do is what I’m supposed to do

  10. “If you want an easy solution; you’re gonna have to find another channel!”… you got my attention! 💕

    1. Haha, glad I captured your attention, Mariana Munoz. Thank you for watching, I hope you found something valuable in the video.

  11. I am so grateful that I stumbled on this video hours after my whole world collapsed when my wife told me she saw a lawyer and now wanted a divorce. After panicking, freaking out, and being consumed with contempt and fear, I searched divorce in YouTube, feeling all the weight of complete hopelessness. I’m calling your advice a God-given miracle cure. I took notes and committed to put EVERYTHING you said into practice, and my wife took notice. Today, only second day of giving my 95%, was one of the most amazing days I have had with my family in years. I could not see how destructive my negative outlook had been. I was so focused on her coming around to my terms and for her to make an effort fix a sexless marriage that I could not realize all the “nagging” …had merit. (That was swallowing pride right there, folks.) We’re not fixed… yet, but we BOTH now have HOPE. Today gave me the longest and warmest hugs that I have had since we were first dating, and it was the greatest feeling to feel real love again. I enjoyed going every inch of the extra mile I put in today; it was the most rewarding experience–to serve my family unconditionally, and that’s all she wanted all along. How stupid have I been, right? I’m the guy who would snicker at these gratitude suggestion before, but nothing has ever lifted this dark cloud around me until I decided to follow these steps. Thank you, Dr. Paul, for opening my eyes in a way I could understand. I have so much to work on myself, but that’s the guy I want to be again. Thank you for showing me exactly what I needed to see in myself at exactly the right time. I am excited about my marriage and stepping up to be the best husband and father to the two most important people in my life. You have done more for my marriage with one video than two years of icky-feeling therapy. You got through to ME.

    1. Wow layne. I’m pretty much in the same situation. My wife has already walked out on me. It’s been about a month and a half.

      I’m doing my best to change and seeing now how crap I was as a husband. And like you, if I’m given the opportunity I’m looking forward to being the best man I can for her.

      So seeing your result is an inspiration. So I’m here taking notes. Because I want to do this too if I can!

      Well done sir.

    2. This is so beautiful to read and to see how this has effected you! Have you been able to move through to the next phase of your marriage?

    3. So happy to hear this!!
      I remember many years ago feeling the same way and wanting a divorce.
      So I decided to clean up my our garden and leave my husband’s messes alone, meaning working on me.
      I also decided to write down every single good thing about him.
      Loyal. Helpful. Honest. Trustworthy. Friendly. Generous. And many more.
      And I realized what a good man he was. I looked him in the eye and told him.
      “I love you Tom, you’re a good man.
      I deeply deeply love you. And we’re a team and I’m not going to let you’re moods get me down… I am going to be happy, anyway.
      No matter what.”
      When he started being negative or critical, I looked right at him and said, I love you and smiled. His defenses went down and it was then I realized that LOVE was the answer… and there is no question!
      We’re better than ever because Love is an action not a feeling.
      As the saying goes. People don’t break your heart, they break your expectations.
      When I Stopped expecting him to behave a certain way, he was better.
      Now, I Have intentions for how Loving I can be…and I leave the rest to God!
      Remembering how imperfect I am, helps too.

    4. I want to do this challenge i know its hard but i have to do it until i can fight for this marriage even i know my husband doesn’t want to work on it again I still want to try this. I hope this work for us. God bless for our marriage.

    5. I feel as if I typed your comment myself. I’m just 5 months behind you (I’ve been putting this to work for 1 month) and have so much hope for your family and my own. Never give up.

  12. I love this video SO MUCH. I really appreciate you taking the time to help hurting families. I can’t say thank you enough. I am about to take the challenge!!

    1. You are welcome, Scott Barrett. I can’t tell you how honored I am to have you at Live On Purpose TV and to have you try the challenge! Thank YOU for not giving up on your family.

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    1. here’s several tips for saving your marriage
      Try to discuss more
      Cooperate with each other more
      Try to give and take more
      (I learned these and the reasons they work on Pavs partner pundit website )

  14. How can you send a message that you are willing to do what it takes when he refuses to speak about the marriage? He is also moved out so how do you serve? Ideas, please..

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