Gamer Setup – This router can save your marriage!

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In this video I show you how to setup an Edge Router X and a Unifi Access Point. The ER-X is especially interesting for gamers as it supports SQM, which helps to prevent ping spikes caused by congestion.

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5:05 copy/paste mistake 🙁 The USG costs €111.88 / $119.00

– 2:02 it fixes your marriage?
– 3:36 why an ER-X instead of OpenWRT/LEDE?
– 4:09 why an ER-X instead of an USG?
– 6:27 ER-X basic setup
– 9:19 ER-X Smart Queue configuration
– 10:06 ER-X Port forwarding and UPNP
– 13:13 Unifi Access Point setup

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———– UPNP2 Setup ————

//delete old upnp1 service
delete service upnp

//check if upnp2 is active (it's not if this doesn't return a number):
pidof miniupnpd

//show routes opened by upnp2
show upnp2 rules

//enable upnp2
set service upnp2 listen-on $LAN_INTERFACE_1

set service upnp2 listen-on $LAN_INTERFACE_N
set service upnp2 wan $WAN_INTERFACE
set service upnp2 secure-mode enable
set service upnp2 nat-pmp enable

———– // UPNP2 Setup ————

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26 thoughts on “Gamer Setup – This router can save your marriage!

  1. This is the best video i seen from you, thanks for doing it, really good stuff on it, i been an ubiquiti user (mostly AP) for more than 4 years now and i very happy with them, i just wished my ISP allowed me to use an Edge router X.

  2. Lifesaver man. I’ve been watching alot of utube over the years and ur chanels top notch. Good luck with future work.

  3. You Sir deserve a medal, thank you for your time and knowledge, I just want to say that people like you that share their expertise in online communities make the internet world a little bit better, thanks again, and keep it up!

  4. This video started me on the dark, seductive path that is home networking, from simple 5 port switch and cable modem router to Ubiquiti USG Pro, APs, Synology backup, and surveillance systems among other goodies. Thank you, Battle(non)sense. I should send you my receipts. lol!

  5. You are a lifesaver, Edgerouter X changed everything :-). I can now play games when my family is using the internet, thank you so much!

  6. I have had this exact setup since watching this video about 6 months ago. It has been perfect. No lag in gaming and a trouble free up time on my home network.

  7. youtube recently suggested your video.. I’ve been running that same equipment since mid-2016 and it’s been the best move i ever made. cheers

  8. Thanks a lot man, this guide really helped. Do you have any advice on MTU and MSS clamping settings?

  9. Chris, any chance of an update to this video or a new one on routers? I have around 400 Megabits connection and suffer badly from the ISP’s router not prioritising traffic properly.

  10. Hi, can i use this settup without loosing my ISP wifi ? i just want to use the edge router along my ISP modem

  11. Thanks battlenonsense, I just installed my edge pro x and wireless AP. Faster Internet, no ping spikes, cloud data being saved at all times. I can finally propose to my girlfriend after my game stopped lagging.

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