Dr. Phil on How to Save a Sexless Marriage | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

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Dr. Phil always tells it like it is, even when the truth isn't pretty. When he met a young married couple who had stopped having sex, he offered his unvarnished analysis of their problem, which was at the heart of the couple's marital strife. For more on #oprahwinfreyshow, visit

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Dr. Phil on How to Save a Sexless Marriage | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

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71 thoughts on “Dr. Phil on How to Save a Sexless Marriage | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. Wait a minute, did I just miss something? She’s made a CONSCIOUS DECISION to not have sex til the kids are gone (which will probably be about 18 years away). But the man is getting blamed ???!!! This woman stated that her reason is because “mothers aren’t suppose to be sexy”. WHY IS THE HUSBAND GETTING BLAMED! !!??? Bottom line is, she has issues that don’t appear to be the fault of the husband. And if she or any other wife/woman thinks that a man, any man, will stay faithful for possibly 18 yrs in a sexless marriage or relationship than she has an even greater ISSUE. Sex isn’t everything in a marriage or relationship but it is a important part of maintaining it. SHE NEEDS COUNSELING IMMEDIATELY OR PREPARE TO ACCEPT WHEN HER HUSBAND TURNS TO PORN OR ANOTHER WOMAN. IT’S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME !!!

    1. Twonne1 – As a woman I have to say I find the general line of reasoning given by this woman (& many others) to be difficult to reconcile. (Notice that you don’t hear it said so often that a man starts to feel unappealing & loses interest in his mate when he becomes a father–though the reality is that this can be the case for men, too, for a myriad of reasons–kids or no kids). One potential part of this overall picture beyond any possible common hormonal changes/lacks on her mate’s part is a woman feeling that she simply doesn’t have enough emotional “bandwidth”/energy to handle the high demands of children–especially if she’s the principal one spending time w/them &/or if she doesn’t get the support she needs–together w/possibly an outside career, extended family & community needs as well as her marriage. As I see it this couple clearly needs both qualified & compassionate coaching (appreciated some of Dr. P.’s obviously abbreviated advice here)/possibly some medical help & regular scheduled quality alone/away times just for the 2 of them.

    2. Yes, you did miss something. It`s only 2 minutes of the whole show, so those are just little fragments of it. And a woman who`s not interested in her husband in a sexual way anymore cares if he would want to get it elsewhere.

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    4. “Women’s libido is generally very reliant on the emotional relationship” And that men means being able to be a perfect man all the time to make her happy. Good luck Men!

    5. Listen…my first guess is your a man and your offended because men like to play the victim sometimes. Because the world is changing and acknowledging women in a different way and sometimes men feel insecure about that.

      Ex: ‘ some women go through physical abuse in relationships’

      Random man (usually men plural) in comment section: ‘SO DO MEN! DONT FORGET ABOUT MEN!!!’

      we won’t forget you guys, honey. Don’t worry. I promise. You’ve had hundreds of years of being at the forefront, but we can all be on the podium TOGETHER.

      The issue here is that
      A. This vid is edited so you don’t hear his advice to her,

      B. it’s never one person with martial issues. never ever. Not with cheating or abuse or anything. Even when you should get out of a marriage, it’s on you to gain that strength and figure out why you don’t love yourself enough to walk away from it.

      We all have a part to play and we have to work at it to have a better marriage. Period. There are no saints in this world. We all have things to work on. This guy too. So that’s why he gave his advice to the husband as well.

  2. this 100% her fault she dont think a mom should have sex till after they should raise the kids why did you marry the guy and not intimate with him till the kids are gone what if she tells him after the kids are gone to get lost or want more kids and does the same thing

    1. Brenda Pulido rape is when your not willing to have intercourse. It’s like some people don’t actually know what rape means lmao

    1. Then your situation is not like the majority of cases. Go ahead and tell yourself I’m “pretending” if that makes you feel better.

    2. this fool comes to youtube looking for answers, then tries to insult someone who cares enough to try and give him one…comical

    3. Hold This L. Debarge the guy who gave him the answer has been trolling everyone’s comments 🙄
      He’s not genuine

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  3. How exactly did it go from her making a conscious decision to not be a wife and lover to him doing something wrong? Gynocentric a little?

  4. divorce for her is the best thing, she dont need to be in a complex couple dynamic as a wife, she can just be a fully committed mother who needs no husband but only a father to her kids. decisions are binary even when compromised one precedes the other.

    the man can find a new wife, new kids if he is still financially able. the best solution would be: dont get married it only complicates your life. we’re on the era of conveniences companioship isnt the same as before 😂😂😂

  5. Interesting how the woman admitted that she made a deliberate conscious decision to treat her husband this way and somehow the end result was that men were lectured on how to treat their wives.

    1. No, it wasn’t only a lecture to husbands. Dr. Phil said a marriage depends on both the parterns’ needs being met. But he did for a bit go into the husband’s show of caring and love, I’m guessing he specifically pointed this out because maybe the husband in this video had some misconceptions about how to care for his wife or maybe Dr. Phil was just talking to husbands in general. He says at the end something along the lines of; it has nothing to do with putting a rose on her pillow at night. I think by this, he was trying to say that men who think showing love and care to their wives only means what they can give to them, either as things or in a sexual way is not the only way to show love and care. It’s how they act day to day like do they help with chores, take care of the kids, care about how their wife is feeling, etc. I think he was speaking to the misunderstanding of this idea.

  6. So, essentially, SHE consciously made a disturbing and destructive decision for the both of them in their marriage, and HE is the one who has to make changes to save it from falling apart??

    1. Exactly!
      I don’t get why it’s always the man’s fault…
      This is a let’s beat up the man video..
      Feminism sucks

    2. I’m going through something like this. My wife going through something. Im being very patient, she wants to keep spending time with me but deep down I dont want to talk to her but im trying to be there for her. I would never get married again but hopefully we work it out.

    3. @Kelz L. hang in there buddy. Been there and trust me she herself would one day be comfortable enough to initiate things. Be there for her and she shall truly appreciate it. Don’t give up on a beautiful relationship due to one factor

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  7. no ones addressing that fact that dr phil said “in your husband all day long”😂 i about died on the floor laughing

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