We’re Saving Our Marriage

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We're saving our marriage once and for all!!!!! I LOVE YOU ORLIN HOME!!!!!
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83 thoughts on “We’re Saving Our Marriage

  1. No one:
    The poop on his bed sheets: “I’m BaCk hOmE sHoObEdOo IM hOmE hElLo💩”

  2. Dear stranger who reads this comment: you’re incredible and unique. God bless you, stay safe and have a great day🤍.

    1. That’s so nice. I wish you nothing but happiness. 2020 is almost over. I hope this year has been kind to you. I hope 2021 is better for everyone. 💜 🌻

  3. I don’t blame orlin for being “toxic” or whatever y’all call it bc he always gets the shorter end of the stick 🤦🏽‍♀️

    1. You shouldn’t be criticizing other people on their appearance. That’s not a very “Black Bold and Beautiful” thing to do, now is it?

  4. I love how they “pose” for the thumbnails looking happy and pretty but then their actual thumbnail is them hitting each other and crying…

  5. Is he really talking about his poop stains and diarrhea in the first minutes of the video
    👁👄👁….why am I even surprised…..anyways..

  6. “We can’t save our marriage” now “Saving our marriage” I’m honestly getting tired

  7. FYI: orlin did say aluminum correctly. That’s how they say it in England ( my father is British)

    1. Are you talking about the dude the original Club Kids murdered (party monster) LMFAO I’m certain not but I’m not up to date in nikicado lure 🤣

  8. the “rash” looks like dry skin.
    all he needs to do is
    1. moisturize his face/skin
    2. if it’s extreme dry skin, apply oil every morning and night

  9. Nick: tells Orlin take his elbows off the table it’s bad manners.

    Also Nick: Farts loudly at the table.

    1. that’s what i’m saying and notice how in almost all the thumbnails he makes it look like orlin is hitting him

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