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Emily Wilson.

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  1. As a Catholic teenager, I do not see alot of women talking about this subject. I really respect how you do not blame or condemn those who have taken another path than you. You really show how important it is to have a servants heart and share the gospel. Thank you for being such a great role model for me!

    1. Mack Catholic here as well! I’m 22 and waiting for marriage!! There are obviously times of temptation (for my boyfriend and I) but through confession and the Eucharist we find our strength as I’m sure you do💗💓💖

  2. Thank you, being a senior in high school, I sometimes question my own choices to wait. It’s things like this that keep me strong and remind me that I can wait and I will. You’re such an inspiration Emily!

    1. Alexandrea Derrer

      Hi 🙂 yes, stay encouraged. I am married to my greatest friend, my sweet hearted husband. I just wanted to tell you, our first kiss was on our wedding day! We dated almost three years 🙂 We waites for marriage of course!
      God has tremendously blessed us for our love and obedience of Him. God is so worth our love and dedication. It was every bit worth it. My husband respectes me even before we were married. This truly is a gift.

    2. As someone who is on the other side of this, waiting is the most important thing to do, and especially finding someone who has waited for you. I can only tell you with words how horrible it is to deal with this stabbing heartache in my heart almost on a daily basis, but if you could understand and feel the pain firsthand, it’s something you would never even consider in a million years. It tears you down, it eats at you, it cuts you to your core randomly in the middle of your day, it’s the thought that never goes away and never gets easier, it is the only unhappiness in my life and it is the only thing stopping me from being able to say “yes” to a man I love. Seriously, wait. You won’t ever truly understand the meaning of it until you’re with the one you love. It has meaning, unlike a lot of people say, and it can cause damage to someone you will end up loving the most later in life. I am glad you made the decision to wait <3

    3. It’s so true what she’s says about women regretting not waiting once they find the man they marry… waiting til u get married is such an amazing thing u can share with ur husband… the right man will wait and respect u.. anyone else is not the right guy. blessings!

    4. It can definitely be hard, but just like Emily said, it is so worth it! I can definitely attest to the special quality it brings to marriage by waiting to have sex until you’re married. It is one of the best things.

  3. thank you, i really needed to hear this. IM 18 and waiting and everyone on my dorm floor has had sex. but I know I’m making the right decision

    1. 18! that’s young! i wish i would have waited. i’m not going to say it ruined my life but it definitely made me stumble. i’ll just wait for it now i though…i’ll try.

  4. I’v started dating a virgin recently and she was embarrassed to tell me, she had been made to feel that it was a negative thing and was very self conscious about it. I found that really mind boggling but it made me so happy and grateful to know she’s still a virgin! I hope I can keep her!

    1. You are, and always will be in good company. 🙂 Revelation 12 KJV – It is an astronomical sign in the heavens the will occur SEP 23 2017. The scripture teaches us that God gives us signs of the end times. It is worth it to wait for heaven is our home 🙂

    2. Do you feel upset about never finding someone to marry? I’m 35 and never been married. I’m wondering how others feel.

  5. I didn’t save myself for marriage, but I have so much respect for girls and guys who do. It’s extremely difficult to not give into that, especially with what society says teens should be doing. I’m not going to say that I regret my decision but saving yourself for marriage is a wonderful and beautiful thing to do.

    1. running287
      Well I am a woman and that it simply not true. I’ve unfortunately not saved myself for marriage and I’ve been with guys who are considered “good” or “experienced” and it did nothing for me. The real connection and pleasure come from being with the One you connect with. Guys who are “performing” are doing just that-it’s an act! I don’t care how good you think you are if you’re not the One for the girl then it all falls short. Thankfully I’ve had my eyes opened, praise the Lord, and I have met the man for me and we are now waiting until marriage this time. The connection I feel for him is above and beyond anything I have ever experienced with any other man in the past no matter how “good in bed” they were. I am so unbelievably attracted to my fiance I have never felt anything like it! I know that when we do eventually take that step it is going to blow our minds!! 😋

    2. running287
      …. besides when you’re with the one you love you can learn together, it will be so much more fun that way! The only man who needs to prove something to his woman is one who is insecure and does not trust her. The woman you marry, if she is the right one and you are in the right place on a personal level, will be the One you trust with your Life, your Best Friend, the One you beat all your battles with. 😇😍

    3. x-bit gaming Good for you, dont spread yourself too thin or you won’t be able to enjoy marry, you will fined it hard to love and to be loyal, and that bring curses you will never be truly happy. thats why things must go the way God design it, once you cross that line its harder to get back that mean you have to get engaged in a strong spiritual battle, cause the sex out of marriage open doors for demons to get you addicted and they can come and go when ever they like and mess you up, you must follow God to truly see the beauty in his way and enjoy all in fullness, be bless bro

  6. You’re wise. Sex has the ability to create life, but it also has the ability to destroy life. Not an exaggeration and people will not ever say the latter. Virgin until I meet the one.

    1. Peyton What do you mean it has the ability to destroy life? Do you mean because hearts can be broken and it can leave people emotionally scarred?

  7. “Daniel and I share something that we have never shared with anyone else and that is a beautiful thing as well”
    That’s wonderful!!

  8. I’m a guy entering college next year and have chosen to save myself for marriage. I know the pressures are going to be at an all time high next year but this video gave me reassurance that others are doing the same. Thank you!

    1. what emily share about the conecttion woman do is so real. I met the love of my life @ my 30’s and we have been toguether for a long time, I never thought this would happened to me, I regret having so little faith and selfsteem. Being a man is a unique gift given by God/the creator, don’t probe something you already are, same here for woman! Wait will save from a lot of trouble. I totally agree with that thruth Emily share, even with all the dreams and needs as a couple that are covered for this man, i still feel conected to a guy who lives in other hemisphere even thou I don’t want to

  9. i honestly get a lot of crap from guys when they hear i’m saving myself. doesn’t change my mind though because if they’re going to pressure me then they don’t belong in my life. love this video

    1. Rauhltastic Frandom hahaha! yeah I get a lot of guys making fun of me about how awkward it’ll be when I first do it. they try to get me to use them as “practice”….

  10. I’m 23 and I have no issue with being a virgin…it’s everybody else that finds it “odd”

  11. This is what me and my husband did. We started dating when we were 15 and dated all throughout highschool and college. We got married when we were 23 an were together for 8 and a half years before we were married. We waited for marriage, and honestly it wasnt easy, but we did it! There was so much pressure from our friends to just do it already. Waiting was honestly the best decision we have made, and I dont regret it for a second.

  12. I didn’t wait. Worst decision ever. I had sex out of spite. I wanted to wait. At first it was fun and as time went on I found out my ex was watching porn. The more time went on I felt disgusted with myself because I realized…this is not a man…this is a boy who is treating me like a girl in a porno. I realized…this isn’t love. I told him I wanted to stop and wait for marriage and that lasted a few months before I was pressured again. I gave in. During the last few months of our relationship I felt so gross every time it happened. Fast forward a few years later I found my husband! I am so sad to say that my past had created a lot of sexual baggage that is extremely hard to get rid of. My husband is the most gentle man and I know his heart is pure and honest in our intimate moments. That is love. But my past sometimes creeps in and I get flashbacks. If you’re reading this please pray for that area in my life. I created a soul tie to my ex. Girls constantly wonder why they feel unloved after those relationships. It’s because you have created a bond with that person that can only be broken by God. Chose to wait! It is worth it beyond words!

    1. well said! I haven’t gone quite that far yet but i have fooled around with guys in the past including one i knew (but didnt want to believe) was trouble and it was SO HARD afterwards to fully detach myself from him and all the residuals of feelings left over, from only one night together, this included horrible flash backs too it took weeksand weeks and i had to hold myself back many times from seeing him again at work. With gods help and guidance and firm authority (he actually verbally told me to stay away, ill never forget it) i eventually made it through that journey of being freed from those unwanted ties and by the time i did see him with god guiding me i felt little to no desire to ever see him again i was free :). I wish him well but i know he wqs trouble and too vulnerable to deal with it by myself, so thankyou God! With him all things are possible 🙂

    2. Old World Glam I’m so sorry you went through that & you regretted it. I hope that you have a good future with your husband though. At least you got through it & it only made you stronger!💖

    3. Old World Glam just prayed that God would give you peace, my dear. thank you for showing the side of losing your virginity that society doesn’t want us to see- the not so fun, easily regrettable part. from reading your comment, i have gained a whole new perspective! one last thing i want to say is, no matter how badly you feel you messed up, God will always be there to forgive you. He will always be there to comfort and nurture you like no living organism walking this earth can. may you have a blessed day ❤

    4. Old World Glam I broke down while reading your comment and I immediately prayed for you since I could relate to the flashback experience though I’m single. After praying for you this is the word I received for you: first, thank God that you are no longer in that situation (it is in the past/you’re a new creation); second, rebuke the devil for replaying those images to condemn you (there is now no condemnation for those in Christ (Rom 8:1)); third, thank God for your husband and ask God to heal every wounds/brokenness/unforgiveness; also, thank God for cleansing and for the grace to move on; pray for those in similar situation, and lastly, pray for the salvation of your ex.
      Pray these points when experiencing a flashback and at odd times which include random memories of your ex. I will continue to pray for you. In addition, pray for your thoughts daily or as often as possible. (Philippians 4:8)

  13. I am a 20 year old college sorority girl and I am still waiting till marriage! I mention that I am in a sorority because so many times sorority girls have a bad reputation. But I have waited and plan to wait until I am married. My friends who have not waited are always telling me that they think it is so awesome that I have been able to do that so it is really awesome to have a good support group. I love this video and I am so glad there are people out there who still believe in waiting till marriage 🙂

  14. 21 year old girl who waited. I’m getting married in 3 DAYS to a wonderful, godly man (who also waited!)

  15. I’m not religious, but I love this video. I’ve seen so many Christians on the internet so quick to criticize and judge, but I get completely opposite vibes from this girl. She’s strong and clear about her own opinion, but completely open and respectful of girls who have chosen otherwise. Definitely watch the whole thing.

    1. cutoffsandconverse pay no attention to the ones that criticize and judge they are going against Scripture by doing that. The Bible tells us clearly not to judge anybody, and it pains me to see how many people have been pushed away by Christians because of their judgemental attitude. Stay blessed

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