99 thoughts on “Tony Robbins Saves A Marriage – 8 Minutes

    1. There are several suggestions for making improvements in your partnership
      Try to communicate more
      Cooperate with each other more
      Start to give and take more
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    2. There are a few suggestions for making improvements in your partnership
      Try to talk more
      Help each other out more
      Try to give and take more
      (I read these and why they work from Pavs Partner Pundit site )

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    4. @Televisionarchives Yeah, that’s what happens when you have money & fame, parasites and leeches come out of the woodwork to claim a piece.

  1. I’m commenting here from the perspective of the woman/wife in this story, because I’ve been this person. It’s a little bit about being dependent on others for your happiness, sure, but once that gets called out, it’s a deep reflective journey to become self-aware, and lots of people are not self-aware. If you don’t know what you’re doing, how can you change it? Someone needs to call your crap. But I’ve been that woman who didn’t get the surprises, the passion, the desire. There was no dates anymore, there was no communication, there was come home from work, play videogames, go to sleep. The relationship was stagnant. He just assumed that once I was financially secure on my own, that I didn’t need him and the relationship didn’t need the small surprises and bursts of love that come with it. It basically became a friendship with sometimes sleeping together. Meh. So, I see everyone where ragging on this man and dragging this woman for trying to deny his passions. Maybe a little, sure, but when you’re at the bottom of the barrel and you feel like you’re unwanted and unloved because there’s very little effort or attempt to keep the fire going (and yes, that takes work…you can’t just light it and then leave it alone, it will burn out), you become desperate for ANY kind of attention. You feel like the person you want to be with has just up and left you and you are clawing at them to come back and maybe have a chance at bringing the feelings back. When someone stonewalls you, you become the one with all the emotions because they are free to walk away without feeling anything. When I felt like I was satisfied, I was so happy to let him go off and do what he wanted so that he could be the person he was meant to be becuase I knew I was a priority (not the main one, but a serious priority) and I didn’t have to be fearful that he was growing tired of me or annoyed or that the relationship was over. We were satisfying each others needs–mine to be certain of a committed relationship and free up space in my time to do what I wanted, and him to do what he wanted and know I would still be there for him. When there was no work put into the relationship, I became clingy to meet this need. This isn’t a matter of “she was wrong”, “he was wrong”, they both messed up.

    1. Very good points, it’s important to fill your own cup first something I have always tried to get right!

    2. I see what you’re saying, but why is it the man’s responsibility for the surprises and passion etc. Why can’t both partners provide that. The man is your partner not a caretaker, I don’t think it is fair for the man to be burdened with providing the passion and newness etc. It should be 50/50

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  2. I’ve been in his shoes. You should never choose a band over a Good Woman. But a Good Woman would never force you to choose.

    1. John Smith Nope. A neglected good woman would force you to choose. A woman with no self respect wouldn’t tho.

    2. I believe it works both ways.
      If one or both of you feel neglected and alone in a marriage this is definitely where distance and resentment sets in. It causes jealousy and insecurity towards each other and in many cases unfortunately infidelity.
      Communication is paramount to a successful relationship. Not just when something is wrong in your relationship but we also need to express when something is right.
      27 yrs with my husband. We have had our fair share of problems but we worked through them because we choose to. We still make each other laugh 😂❤

    1. @Mahhayo Nobody is perfect. Even Jordan Peterson. Now we should all stop our bickering and help Thursday Lane achieve his dream. He needs our help.

    2. @Judge Steve He lay down on a bed of nails while she tried out the dance steps of her new salsa class on his chest. Poor “shleepy” didn’t want to go to the hospital for fear of the medical bills, and wanted to “fill her up” with his encouragement, so he lay right back down on that bed.

      Occasionally guests to her house ask about the smell, but she says there is work being done on the nearby sewer line.

    1. @Regina Filangi people are working hard and you want me to play. see that’s why you’re a moron. Your parents are dumb they don’t know how to raise you, that’s why you’re a moron

  3. The husband in this video is truly a good man , father , husband, human being 🙂 seeking the advice of another man to save the family he truly still loves and he did it 🙏

    1. This is phenomenal! Most husbands/men have too much pride to do this humbling thing.. My husband needs this very same thing

    2. authentic4Life
      right! He’s so humble and open minded even though it may have been a little uncomfortable for him.

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    1. Wow. And here I was feeling warm and wholesome inside, but you just had to go on and crush my moment. Your neural pathways are rotten son.

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    1. tony had a very fucked up child hood, thats how hes so good at what he does is because he has went through most of what these people have gone through and hes overcome it all, plus he has the insight and articulation to break it down for others.

    1. @Vale Sauce That’s how my first wife did me and I never got the opportunity to return the favor for all the mistakes she made ‘not realizing’ which far exceeded mine which I had already forgiven.

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    1. WRONG. He got him to see their relationship from his perspective, and her perspective. Its not the destination, it’s the journey. He awakened him. It’s not about spending more time with her. You missed it completely

    2. Iswhars if he can step up in front of an audience and humble himself by asking for help he clearly isn’t self centred

    3. Yes because the time he was spending with her was clearly not spent with her he said multiple times he’s not thinking of her he’s thinking of himself when he changed his perspective

  4. This really works. I just came across this video and was stunned, literally STUNNED. I was in the same type of situation with my wife several years ago and hating life.

    A friend gave me some magic mushrooms almost 4 years ago and I had an epiphany and this is the plan I came up with all on my own. I poured 110% into making her feel loved and appreciated and it changed our lives and our marriage. It SAVED our marriage.

    In fact I never thought we would ever get back to feeling in love like when we first met. We are now orders of magnitude more in love than we ever have been.

    Invest 90 days of trying to make her feel like the most special person ever. Do everything in your power, every moment of every day for 90 days giving yourself to her – and you will get it back 100 fold. This saved my marriage and my family.

    1. @Joy 7 Wrong, that’s the Hollywood narrative talking, not what would happen in the real world. Do you know how many healthy relationships women have wrecked? Because the guy gave in to her every unreasonable need and kept on bending backwards. Those relationships ended because she lost all respect for him, that’s why.

    2. Ra Ma I guess I was speaking from personal experience. As a Christian it is important to me to treat my husband the way God would expect me to, in return my husband treats me with respect, and love. We’ve been married for 23 years, we are not perfect by any means, but truly are committed to each other.

  5. Tony Robbins could give me enough motivation to win a game of warzone with an uncommon M13 and no shields with only 10 people left.

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