65 thoughts on “Can a Baby Save Your Marriage?

  1. I understand all their points of view. Bottom line have a kid when you are ready. Not your spouse, not your family when you are in that place internally.

  2. I loved the way Tamera’s eyes glowed when she said being the mom is the hardest job you’ll ever love.

    so sweet. 🙂 2:57

  3. “I had to get on The Real to actually have a conversation with somebody” THIS is why I love Tamar, never know what she will say next! lol

  4. I couldn’t pay attention to anything that was being said because the plant was disturbing, please tell me it’s not just me… o.O

    1. thanks I certainly watched the clip and that centrepiece ALSO bothered me and triggered my trypophobia although it was different from the one in the video.

  5. OMG I have a love/ hate relationship with tamar sometimes I hate her n her views but this segment right her I lovessss it she’s hilarious and so honest

  6. Jeannie here looks HOT HOT HOT , but I can’t handle her with her blonde hair she’s so beautiful but the blonde hair doesn’t do her any justice..

    1. I like Jeannie with the highlights (blonde look too)….she is Gorgeous with more weight on now!!!

  7. Yet these jerks keep pressuring Jeannie into having a baby!
    Misery LOVES company! Stay Childfree Jeannie.

  8. OMGGGGGGG! Every time I see it I love it more. Jeanie with dark hair is crazy beautiful. (She’s already gorgeous)

    1. I saw on one segment where she said that her husband liked her hair when it was black/blue but she doesnt want to change it back.

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  9. Tamara is 100% right. A baby tests your marriage so so much. Mine failed. My ex husband walked out 5 months into the pregnancy because I was so sick all of the time and didn’t want to take care of me.

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